Evil Seeds

Release Date   November 15, 2019
Catalog Number   TRC036

For one hellish month in the dead of winter, Those Poor Bastards barricaded themselves in the basement of a 1930’s schoolhouse to see what horrors they could conjure when completely cut off from the corrupting influence of the modern world. The result is their tenth, and perhaps most cohesive album, “Evil Seeds.”
These songs feature classic themes of violent struggle and loss with bizarre overtones of supernatural menace and dread. Scream along with eleven all new pessimistic sermons for the end of times.


White with Silver Splatter Vinyl QTY: 100
Oxblood, Beer and Black Tri-color Vinyl QTY: 200
Marbled Green with Bone Splatter Vinyl QTY: 200
Gold and Black A Side/B Side Vinyl QTY: 200
Cassette QTY: 50