Behold the Abyss Vinyl and Edgar Books Now Available!

Today is the official release date for the limited edition vinyl repressing of “Behold The Abyss,” the all new novel of pulp western terror, “The Revolting Revelation of Edgar Switchblade” AND the reprinting of “The Terrible Tale of Edgar Switchblade!”

Get ‘em all right here grim pards:
Order Vinyl and Books >

Thanks a damn heap!

Your putrid pals,
Those Poor Bastards

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Pre-Order Vinyl and Books Today!

You can now pre-order the long-awaited repressing of the Those Poor Bastards’ 2012 album “Behold the Abyss” on limited edition yellow/red vinyl (500 copies) Get the horrid thing right here pals:
Pre-Order Vinyl >

Edgar Switchblade returns for an all new adventure of western terror in “The Revolting Revelation of Edgar Switchblade.” Get it here!
Pre-Order Book #3 >

We’ve also reprinted “The Terrible Tale of Edgar Switchblade,” so you can now own the whole ungodly pulp paperback trilogy. Get ‘em all!
Pre-Order Book #1 >

Thanks pals!

Your miserable pards,
Those Poor Bastards

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Satan is Watching 10th Anniversary Vinyl

To mourn the 10th anniversary of the original release of “Satan is Watching,” we’ve pressed the stinkin’ thing on limited edition red/black vinyl (500 copies). This version also includes a digital download and lyric sheet insert so you can scream along with the terror.

Get your fancy copy here >

Thanks pals!

Your miserable pards,
Those Poor Bastards

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Two Vinyl EPs & Downloads Now Available!

Today is official release date for Those Poor Bastards “Country Bullshit” and Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks “Sad Creepers” limited edition vinyl EPs. Come on over and get the horrid things right here:
Order Vinyl >
Order Digital Download >

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered. They’ve all been shipped, and should be making your lives a bit more unbearable soon.

Your miserable pal,
Lonesome Wyatt

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Pre Order Starts Today!

Those Poor Bastards first EP “Country Bullshit” is finally available on vinyl! You can pre-order the disgusting thing on two different limited edition colors (250 Oxblood, 250 Milky Clear) starting today.
Pre-Order Country Bullshit >

In further bad news, Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks have conjured up an all new 4 song EP of heartbreaking terror called “Sad Creepers.” The haunted thing is also available on two different colors of limited edition vinyl (250 Gold, 250 Ghostly Green).
Pre-Order Sad Creepers >

As always, the most deranged creeps can get a super limited edition test pressing (only 5 copies) of either EP.
Pre-Order a Test Pressing >
Thanks pals!
Your miserable friend,
Lonesome Wyatt

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New Releases + Folk Art + Gothic Campout

Pre-Order New Releases Starting Nov. 14!

Those Poor Bastards first EP “Country Bullshit,” and an all new Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks EP “Sad Creepers,” will be released on limited edition 7″ vinyl on November 28, 2017. Pre-order will begin on November 14, 2017 at 12:01am EST.

Folk Art Prints

In the meantime, come on over and take a gander at Lonesome Wyatt’s primitive folk art prints. They are printed on high quality matte cardstock and signed by poor ol’ Lonesome himself.
Get a Folk Art Print >

Southern Gothic Campout

Finally, on November 11, Those Poor Bastards will be preaching at the first annual Southern Gothic Campout in Adams, TN. Tickets to this shameful event are available from Muddy Roots Events
Get Info and Tickets >

Your pitiful pals,
Those Poor Bastards

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Grim Weepers Now Available!

Howdy Sad Sacks,

Today is the official release date for Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks new album “Grim Weepers.” Come on over and conjure yourself up a copy on limited edition vinyl, cassette, CD or digital download!

Order Grim Weepers Now >

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered! I sure do appreciate it and hope this record brings you long nights of inconsolable sorrow. They have all been shipped and should appear on your tear stained pillows very soon.

Let the weeping commence!
your pal,
Lonesome Wyatt

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Pre-Order Grim Weepers!

You can now hear clips and pre-order Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks’ hopeless new album Grim Weepers. This tearful thing is available on cassette, CD, and three different colors of limited edition vinyl (100 Cyan/Sea Blue A Side B Side with signed poster, 200 Olive Green & Bone A Side B Side with White and Red Splatter, and 200 Deep Purple with Black and Bone Splatter). Be sure to listen for the bewitching backing vocals of Eva from Eva and the Vagabond Tales, then let the weeping commence!
Pre-Order Grim Weepers Now >

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Europe is Doomed! Headed Nowhere Tour 2017

This April, we will ride upon Satan’s back to the unhallowed shores of Europe! Sermons will be held at the following locations:

Roadburn Tilburg, NL 04/20/17
The Underworld London, UK 04/21/17
Pand.A Kortrijk, BE 04/22/17
Indie Duisburg, DE 04/23/17
Oetinger Villa Darmstadt, DE 04/24/17
MUZ Club Nürnburg, DE 04/25/17
UT Connewitz Leipzig, DE 04/26/17
Loppen Copenhagen, DK 04/27/17
Truckstop Alaska Gothenburg, SE 04/28/17
Blitz Oslo, NO 04/29/17
Debaser Strand Stockholm, SE 04/30/17
Backarp Kulla Eskjö, SE 05/01/17
Bambi Galore Hamburg, DE 05/02/17
Cassiopeia Berlin, DE 05/03/17
dB’s Utrecht, NL 05/04/17
TBD St. Petersburg/Moscow, RU 05/05/17
TBD St. Petersburg/Moscow, RU 05/06/17
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Those Poor Bastards to Tour Europe in 2017

Next year we will finally be heading to the strange kingdom of Europe! The tour begins on April 20th at the Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands. More dates will be announced as they are confirmed. Beware.

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