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The Boy With No Shadow: An Interview With Lonesome Wyatt

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Here’s a thrilling new interview about the chills of Halloween and other spooky junk by The End Of Summer

Well, there are sounds beyond our range of hearing and sights beyond our range of seeing, so who knows what we’re missing? Maybe we’re surrounded by horrible monsters and dead people. I sure hope so.

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Superb Interview with Lonesome Wyatt by Black Gate


Black Gate: What was the last good book you read?

Lonesome Wyatt: The last two books I read were The Mammoth Book of Frankenstein and Farewell, My Lovely and they were both very enjoyable.

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The End of Summer Reviews ‘Edgar Switchblade’

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Terrible Tale is fucked up, but in a fun, EC-Comics-turned-up-to-eleven kind of way.

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Lonesome Wyatt Discusses ‘Ghost Ballads’ With Rue Morgue Magazine

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“The Holy Spooks focuses more on isolation and feelings of nostalgia, loss and fear.” –Lonesome Wyatt

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Metal Horizons Interviews Lonesome Wyatt

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We discuss with Wyatt his latest musical ventures, his novel and upcoming Halloween plans

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Vinyl Cave’s Short Take on ‘Ghost Ballads’

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This is often gentle-sounding music that is not for the faint of heart.

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The End of Summer Loves ‘Ghost Ballads’

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My god do I love this album. It is everything a dark-stuff loving weirdo like me could ever hope for. It is a complete embrace of everything spooky and ghostly and murderous and haunted.

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Horror Homework Reviews ‘Ghost Ballads’

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Mr. Lonesome has perfected his creation, this sub-genre of scary country music.

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‘Ghost Ballads’ Review By Mustard Relics

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The songs tell griping stories and the lyrics flow like a ship on the river Styx.

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Markedwordz Lists ‘A Bitter Harvest’ In Top 10 Collaborations

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There is an uneasy tension throughout the record as if there is no hope in hell of the stars aligning for these two to be together. Sad and bitter music.

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