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‘Bad Omen’ Review From CC2K

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…these two artists are among the most interesting musicians working in the folk / Americana genre today.

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Saving Country Music Reviews ‘Bad Omen’


Bad Omen leaves you with a foreboding feeling well after you’ve left its presence simply from the knowledge that such a haunting thing exists. It unsettles you, but in an way you strangely crave from the juices it stirs.

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Lonesome Wyatt Interview in ‘Navajo Post’


Here’s a late Halloween interview for the Navajo Post!

Happy music is not interesting to me, there must be a darkness.

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Holy Spooks Featured in Found: Music Uncovered


Here’s some fancy talk from Found: Music Uncovered magazine about your stinkin’ ol’ pal.
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Rue Morgue Reviews Edgar Switchblade

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…a great little gift for anyone dreaming of a blood-red Christmas.

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Steampunk Chronicle Shudders Over “The Strange Adventures”

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Krampus Unmerciful! takes its cues from the turn-the-page-at-the-sound-of-the-bell Power Records of the 1970s… Over the top depictions of carnage and gore ensue, complete with sound effects.

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End of Summer Reviews Edgar Record

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Krampus Unmerciful is just about as enjoyably fucked up as you can get, and in typical Edgar Switchblade style, nothing is left to the imagination.

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Mustard Relics Reviews “Edgar Switchblade”

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Sinister, malevolent, perverse, dire, malignant. He has taken a lost art and pushed it up a menacing notch.

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Rue Morgue Magazine Says: Lonesome Wyatt Owns Halloween


Halloween Is Here is the candy apple with a razor blade in it – delicious, dangerous and bound for legend.

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Steampunk Chronicle Reviews “Halloween Is Here”

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Wyatt calls Halloween Is Here a “tribute to all those strange and obscure Halloween albums from the 1950s to the 1980s,” but that’s kind of like saying that Ed Gein’s work was a tribute to house wares and home décor.

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