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Mustard Relics Reviews “Edgar Switchblade”

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Sinister, malevolent, perverse, dire, malignant. He has taken a lost art and pushed it up a menacing notch.

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Blow Up Magazine: Those Poor Bastards On Cover Of October Issue!

Blow Up

Lookee here pals. This fancy Italian magazine went and put our ugly mugs on the cover.
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The End of Summer Reviews ‘Edgar Switchblade’

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Terrible Tale is fucked up, but in a fun, EC-Comics-turned-up-to-eleven kind of way.

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Metal Horizons Interviews Lonesome Wyatt

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We discuss with Wyatt his latest musical ventures, his novel and upcoming Halloween plans

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DirtRockZine Interviews Lonesome Wyatt

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It is with great honor and pride that I am able to present to you my chat with the creator of “strange, sad music from a time that never was”, the one and only LONESOME WYATT of Those Poor Bastards and Lonesome Wyatt and The Holy Spooks. Mercy!

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Those Poor Bastards in Rue Morgue Magazine

There is a Those Poor Bastards’ interview/article about “Behold The Abyss,” and “The Terrible Tale of Edgar Switchblade,” in the November issue of Rue Morgue Magazine.

What oozed out is baroque, gory, and gloriously weird.

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Nut Suite’s Mini Review of ‘Satan Is Watching’

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Brooding and apocalyptic songs for everyone.

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Greg Wilburn Names ‘Satan Is Watching’ One of the 5 Albums That Changed His Life

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Hey, Lonesome Wyatt, thank you for restoring hope in me. Thank you for showing me that music could still be as innovative, creative, and show just as much raw emotion as it ever has to me.

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Those Poor Bastards: Top 15 Milwaukee Show of 2011

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Guitarist and frontman Lonesome Wyatt—with his long black hair, top hat, and wide, laser-shooting eyes—projected a sort of rockabilly Peter Steele bravado that could be aptly described as “hilariously evil.”

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“Is This Hell?” Reviewed by No Depression

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Pessimists like me will relate to every word.

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