Pre-Order Plague and Moldy Basement Tapes Vol. 3 on Vinyl

Evenin’ Sidewinders,
Got some real bad news. You can now pre-order Those Poor Bastards’ country doom nightmare ”The Plague,” as well as Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks’ solitudinal freak out “Moldy Basement Tapes Vol. 3” on limited edition vinyl.

The Plague is back on two different sickening colors (150 toxic green clouds or 150 radioactive green/clear spinner), and Moldy Basement Tapes Vol. 3 is available on good ol’ black (200 copies).

Pre-Order Plague and Moldy Vol. 3 >

If you’re a real high roller, don’t forget to punish yourself with super rare signed test pressings of both albums (5 copies each).

Get a Test Pressing >

Thanks a heap pals, and don’t forget that a new Those Poor Bastards album will be released this summer. Looks like it’s gonna be another rotten year.

Your miserable friend,
Lonesome Wyatt

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